HQSonics delivers support with and information on
ultrasonic probes and transducers 
for non-destructive testing.

News: HQSonics BV has initiated the transition, to WesDyne Sweden, of design and manufacturing of all our advanced customized probes for the NDT industry. WesDyne Sweden’s experience and capabilities within NDT probe design and manufacturing will ensure continued availability of and support for HQSonics products.
Please contact the Probeshop at WesDyne Sweden if you have enquiries about products and services.
Phone: +46 (0)732 32 81 34. Learn more about WesDyne’s expertise and capabilities here: www.wesdyne.se
Mr. Huynen will continue to support the products and advise and support WesDyne for design and manufacturing for the foreseen future. For more information, please read our letter to customers.

In Western Europe, Wesdyne Sweden is now the exclusive representative of Blatek Inc. for the sale of phased array probes, please contact the Probeshop for more information.


For more information about Wesdyne, please take a look at this video.




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