The mission of HQSonics is to provide safe and environmental friendly nondestructive testing solutions to our customers. We believe that innovation, quality, flexibility and support is needed to obtain maximum customer satisfaction. To achieve these goals HQSonics only works with innovative quality products. Our support and services are available whenever we can add value to the customer’s business. Together with our customers from the petrochemical, energy and construction industry, we aim to improve our products and services.

HQSonics is located in Waalre near Eindhoven in the Netherlands and is owned by Ir. H.H.J. Huynen, who started the company in 2004. Mr. Huynen has earned a degree in Applied Physics from the Technical University in Eindhoven and a Professional Doctorate in Engineering (Instrumental Analysis) at the same university. He has acquired extensive knowledge and experience in the field of nondestructive testing and ultrasonics. He has worked as an ultrasonic researcher in several companies and has been responsible for the development and manufacturing of ultrasonic probes within a major NDT-company. View mr. Huynen’s profile on LinkedIn here. You can reach mr. Huynen with Skype: “hqsonicshuynen”.  


Office of HQSonics