Ultrasonic Transducers, Immersion

Immersion probes are very versatile. Housing designs and ultrasonic properties are flexible. Manufacturing of the ultrasonic module and the assembly of it are critical. Our immersions have more than 40 years of experience built into this process.

Ultrasonic characteristics

The most used immersions are non-focues probes with a flat front layer. Other types are line- or sport-focused probes. These probes are available in frequencies from 0.5 tot 15 MHz, with bandwith low, medium or high.

As shown in the pictures different housing designs are feasible. Standard, austenitic materials are used for the housing, but other materials, like aluminium are optional.


When there is a need for special configurations, we can work out together the optimal ultrasonic characteristics and design for the application.
Examples of specials are multi-element probes, use of special connectors or cabling and/or probes for use in extreme environments (high temperature, aggressive chemicals, etc.).